Board of Trustees

  President Sandra De la Cruz

Sandra De La Cruz

  Valerie Hope Vice President

Valerie Hope

Vice President
  Marian Fleischmann Secretary Board of Directory

Marian Fleischmann

  Wesley Baker Treasurer

Wesley Baker

  Ben Garcia Trustee Board of Directors

Ben Garcia

  Dr. Kyrah Webb Trustee

Dr. Kyrah Webb








Senior Minister






"How blessed we are to announce Rev. David Howard has been offered and has accepted the role of Senior Minister at Unity on Greenville.  Our affirmation as a church community has been: "We welcome and affirm with love, the perfect Spiritual Leader who embraces the Truth of Unity Principles."

We know in our hearts Rev. David has answered the call to serve as our next Spiritual Leader. 

Thank you to everyone that practiced spiritual principle, participated in the search, community feedback, and in prayerful support. The Board of Trustees is grateful to all. Rev. David will begin his contract with us in November.
In loving service,"

Your Board of Trustees

Our leadership team is blessed with a caring, committed and skilled Board of Trustees, and Minister. We are deeply dedicated to our own spiritual work and to the work of leading Unity on Greenville in fulfilling its Vision and Mission.

"We are endeavoring, in Unity, to be both consecrated to Truth and practical in handling all matters coming to our attention...We are endeavoring to see the Christ in all humanity, and to call attention to and encourage the development of the Christ in all who are receptive." ~ Unity Co-Founder, Myrtle Fillmore