Four Stages Of Spiritual Development

March 26 Rev. Pat Moore

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This lesson is about our growth in understanding the things that we agreed to learn; the lesson we chose before our soul jumped into whatever vehicle we chose to facilitate the "Earth School" lesson. 
The TO Me stage is about Being a victim.  
The BY ME stage is about taking charge of our future - the dawning of the "If it is to be, it's up to me" awareness'. 
THROUGH ME is about moving past egocentric accomplishments and discovering that we are usable God Stuff.    
AS ME is about surrendering to the knowing that you and God are one; that we all are one energy.  
And now you start the lesson all over, the lesson just comes in a prettier package.  The lesson is repeated many times over a lifetime coming at you with a different approach.   
You know the drill - same person different body.    Remember what Woody Allen said, "Now that I am successful I fail with a better class of woman."    
It is repeat, repeat,  until there is no longer emotion to the button that is being pushed.

This talk is to learn the process and speed up the lessons, whether it is a long lifetime of being presented with another 'learning opportunity' or a lesson of a millisecond. 

Rev. Pat Moore has been a student of Metaphysics/New Thought for 65+ years.  She recently retired as a 10-year co-minister with her husband Rev. Glenn Moore at Harmony Spiritual Fellowship,  She is a frequent guest speaker at various venues in Texas and has been a repeat guest speaker with the late Rev. Chris Chenoweth’s spiritual cruises and other spiritual retreats.  

She has a fascination with understanding the way Divine Energy works in our lives.