Hitch Your Wagon to a Star! - Tracy Brown, RScP

May 21 Hitch Your Wagon to a Star!  Tracy Brown, RScP  

Have you ever heard of Dr. Fernley H. Banbury? In the book "Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life," Dr. Donald Curtis shares Dr. Banbury’s four steps to follow if you want to manifest a life you love.

What goals do you want to achieve? What is waiting to be birthed through you?

On May 21, Tracy Brown will be back with us to invite us to know, and use, these proven steps to success.

Guided by Spirit. Groomed to serve. Glazed in the fire of business. Generous with her time and talents. Grown through prayer. This is Tracy Brown.

Tracy Brown (RScP) is an active leader and popular speaker throughout the New Thought Movement. Her book, “Stained Glass Spirit: Becoming a Spiritual Community Where Oneness Does Not Require Sameness,” is specifically focused on creating a foundation for inclusion in spiritual communities.  

 She has practiced and taught New Thought spirituality for more than 35 years, beginning at Unity Dallas in 1986. And within Unity, she has been featured in the publication, “Gems of Wisdom.”
Currently affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living, Tracy is a Licensed Practitioner, and her biggest focus is guiding people in the practical and consistent application of spiritual principle in daily life. Within CSL, she is the recipient of both The Ernest Holmes Award and an Honorary Doctorate. 

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