Let it Go, Let it Flow + Feng Shui Workshop


March 19 Rev. Jeanie Brosius King

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Rev. Jeanie Brosius King is a well-known speaker, teacher, radio host, writer, and co-founder with Cindy Jordan, of The Beautiful Network of Women, B-NOW, a global initiative for women advocating women. She served as Senior Minister at Unity of Richardson, TX (Dallas) for 8 years, following ordination through the Fellowship of Independent Unity Churches. 

Jeanie is a lively and funny presenter and offers Clutter Clearing and Feng Shui webinars online and in person for many years.

She also facilitates The Artists Way. Jeanie taught Singles classes on how to love yourself enough to find lasting love and partnership with some great success stories.

She is married to Dr. Joe King and lives in the Texas Hill Country where they own a veterinary clinic and boarding facility.


Feng Shui Workshop March 19

Jeanie takes a fun and insightful look into the way we hold onto things, people, situations, and beliefs that no longer serve us.

The power we give to our old stories and ways of life can be suffocating. But when we ‘RELEASE AND LET GO” things change in a mighty way.

Following her talk, join her at Feng Shui - Clear the Clutter Workshop 1:00 - 3:00pm In-Person

Everyone has clutter but there are different degrees of clutter and how it can take over your life. In this fun and powerful 2 hour workshop, Jeanie guides you into understanding the 3 REAL REASONS why we have clutter - and how to deal with it systematically using self-love.

You will learn what YOUR clutter means when you identify the location of that clutter. Simply by understanding the various forms and places clutter collects, and matching it with areas in your house, office, and life, things magically shift. 



✓  Why is it important that your house can breathe? And how to make that happen.

✓  Why a door that won’t open or close fully can shut down the flow.

✓  How getting rid of things that don’t make your heart sing can bring abundance in all forms.

✓  Easy-to-follow steps in understanding “how things got this way” and forgiving yourself to let it go.

✓  Five things you will need to clear your clutter (it’s not that big of a deal)

✓  A guide to the Feng Shui Bagua (wind/water/flow) and how to leverage the correct placement of things for you and your family’s highest outcomes.

✓  And much much more including your own workbook to use and keep.

The workshop and all materials for Unity on Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Tx attendees are offered at half price for just 45.00.

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ZELLE 325-215-9070 

or pay at the door with cash or check.

NOTE- EARLY SIGN-UP allows Jeanie to be sure there are enough materials for everyone. You can join the class at the last minute, but if possible, please email me eanie0318@gmail.com of your intentions at least by Friday, March 17th. Thank you.