From Lip Service to True Service: Peace Begins with Me! - Kim Andrews

May 28 From Lip Service to True Service: Peace Begins with Me Kim Andrews


Words can be hollow without committed action.  

Many of us proclaim “Peace begins with me” yet our thoughts, words, and deeds often say otherwise.

What does a life committed to peace look like?

How can we give ourselves and humanity the true gift of peace?

Kim shares lessons learned from her own life and the lives of other peacemakers to help guide you onto a path of peace.]


Kim Andrews’ professional career spans a wide range of industries, from fitness and wellness to training and development and the investigation of federal employment discrimination complaints. In February 2018, she began serving as Spiritual Leader of Unity Sachse in Sachse, Texas. That same year she also realized that for three decades she had been unwittingly crafting a modality of skills which transformed her life once governed by chaos and feelings of unworthiness to one of peace and self-mastery. Her ministry then expanded to shepherding others to inner sanctuary through her healing modality and creating the movement called 8,945 for Peace. You can find out more about Kim at