Spiritual Care


Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-Mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good.”
              --Ellen Debenport in The Five Principles
Spiritual Care Mission

We create an environment that supports, nurtures and calls forth the divine nature and gifts of each person in our Unity family.

Spiritual Care Vision
We offer Spiritual care and outreach to our spiritual community through supportive, compassionate, affirmative prayer, meditation, and mediation services.


Core Values of Unity on Greenville (supported by Spiritual Care Services)

·  Spiritual Community
We recognize our spiritual oneness and unity, celebrate that oneness with joy, and honor it with wisdom and love.

·  Spiritual Growth & Understanding
We seek spiritual truth and understanding through the study of Unity principles, the Bible and other universal teachings.

·  Spiritual Guidance
We open our hearts and minds to receiving God’s guidance and wisdom, through a foundation of daily prayer and meditation.



Spiritual Care at Unity on Greenville provides a sacred opportunity for you to serve your spiritual community through prayer and meditation and mediation services.  Opportunities include:

-          Prayer Chaplain Team (praying with others)

-          Prayer Team (praying for others)

-          Unity Sacred Healing Circle Team

Unity on Greenville enriches the prayer life of our Spiritual Community and those who serve in Spiritual Care.



Expectations for Spiritual Care volunteers:

-          Active at Unity on Greenville for at least 6 months

-          Current church member

-          Willing to make a one-year commitment to serve

-          Participate in Unity on Greenville’s Prayer Chaplain basic training. At the end of this training weekend, you may choose to serve on one or more of the above teams during your 1-yr. commitment. All Spiritual Care volunteers will participate in an installation ceremony during our 11:00 am Celebration Service.

-          Optional: Participate with other Unity prayer chaplains in our sub-region in the annual Together in Unity Prayer Chaplain retreat.

-          Chaplains will

o   Participate in monthly 1 ½ hour training meetings

o   Make monthly prayer phone calls to congregants

o   Offer prayer support to congregants following the 11:00 am Sunday Celebration Service on a rotating schedule (usually every 4 to 6 weeks) for  10 to 20 minutes

-          Prayer Team will

o    Participate in quarterly training sessions

You will be given loving support throughout your service in providing Spiritual care to your spiritual community.


1.      Volunteers for Spiritual Care Services are recruited, interviewed by the Program Coordinator with final acceptance into any component of Spiritual Care Services made by our Minister

2.      Upon acceptance, volunteers will be trained in accordance with the specific requirements of each component of Spiritual Care Services (see below).

3.      Each volunteer will participate in our annual retreat and training weekends, ongoing monthly training, participate in meetings, and thoughtfully consider annual re-commitment to Spiritual Care service.                                                                                                           


A.    Training

1.      Participate in the annual Prayer Chaplain Training and the annual sub-regional Prayer Chaplain retreat sponsored by Together in Unity. 

2.      Attend monthly training meetings

3.      Ongoing training as needed

B.     Participation

1.      Serve as chaplain for sanctuary service as scheduled

2.      Pray over prayer requests at the end of each service and throughout the week

3.      Complete monthly congregant calls

4.      Home and hospital visits

5.      Serve as support for special services (World Day of Prayer, Maundy Thursday, etc.)

6.      Complete reporting requirements

7.      Optional responsibilities: Hold sacred space in the sanctuary for all board and committee meetings (along with Prayer Team. 

PRAYER TEAM - KEEPER OF THE FLAME                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A.  Training

      1. Participate in the annual Prayer Chaplain Training and the annual sub-regional    Prayer Chaplain retreat sponsored by Together in Unity. 

      2. Participate in quarterly Prayer Chaplain meetings and training. These meetings   would begin with the prayer chaplains, then a break out session with Prayer Team Coordinator

      3.  Ongoing training as needed.

B. Participation

1.      Pray over prayer requests after services and throughout the week.

2.      Hold sacred space in the sanctuary for all board and committee meetings

3.      Hold sacred space before and during church services

4.      Assist chaplains as needed for home and hospital visits

5.      Encourage newcomers to attend prayer meetings     



A.    Training
1.      Participate in the annual Prayer Chaplain Training and the annual sub-regional Prayer Chaplain retreat sponsored by Together in Unity. 
2.      Master Mind Prayer process and group facilitation
B.     Participation
1.      Present Master Mind Prayer process
2.      Facilitate Master Mind Prayer groups at Unity on Greenville weekly
3.      Report attendance number and love offering to  Administrative Assistant.
A.    Training
1.      Training to be a facilitator and/or coordinator is accomplished by attending training through EnVision Ministries (Rev. Scott Sherman).
2.      Ongoing training as required by EnVision Ministries
3.      Participate in the annual Prayer Chaplain Training weekend.
4.      Optional: Facilitators are invited to attend the sub-regional Prayer Chaplain retreat sponsored by Together in Unity.
B.     Participation
1.      Serve as a facilitator on a monthly basis
2.      Attend quarterly planning meetings
3.      Support goals of Unity Sacred Healing Meditation
MORE INFORMATION: See one of our Prayer Chaplains or Rev. Karen Romestan.
Prayer Chaplains

An experience of supported, healing and empowering prayer.

A Prayer Chaplain will…





....as they pray with you following our Sunday Services or on the phone.


A Unity Prayer Chaplain is someone who supports you on your spiritual journey…someone who will pray with you and for you.

A Unity Prayer Chaplain is someone who creates and holds a sacred space w

ith you, lovingly listens to you and holds what is heard in confidence. A Unity Chaplain is compassionate, available, nurturing, and accepting.

The purpose of the Prayer Chaplain program is to create a congregation that feels cared for and connected. It is based on God as our Source. God is the center, head, and heart of all we do.

There is nothing quite as comforting as being lovingly supported during times of challenge or crisis or even celebration. It is always helpful to have a hand to reach out to, a compassionate heart to listen and understand. A few caring words can bring inspiration to nourish your spirit.

Unity Chaplains are NOT counselors, they don’t solve problems or judge. They simply hold a sacred space-- they listen, they pray.

Members of Unity on Greenville receive monthly contact from a Prayer Chaplain. (Non-members may also receive such calls upon request.)