Unity in Dallas began in 1943 in a Commerce Street downtown storefront across from Neiman Marcus. Led by Reverend Ruth Gillespie, the new Unity church consisted of one large room that could seat 100 people. Cora Mae Crandall came to that church to pray and was asked by Rev. Gillespie to be an unpaid assistant. She later became an associate minister. The congregation remained at that location until 1951 when the lease was not renewed, and the church only had a short amount of time to find a new facility.

They found a building for sale at Greenville and McCommas in East Dallas that required a $10,000 down payment and in just one Sunday service they raised that amount. The building was dilapidated with destroyed floors, broken windows and no doors, all of which the members rebuilt themselves. A member also bought the wooden pews from an old church in downtown Dallas that are still in use.

The building was built in 1927 as a Presbyterian church then became other churches, and a daycare center. In 1952 the building had been abandoned and desecrated when the Unity Church of Practical Christianity purchased it for $75,000. The church held its first service in the new building and the large tree in the courtyard was planted at the dedication ceremony in December 1952. Rev. Crandall served alongside Rev. Gillespie for another 19 years until they both retired in 1970.
When they retired, Unity church merged with a local Religious Science group led by Dr. Donald Curtis in August 1970, and he became the minister of the new church that was renamed Unity Church of Dallas. The church outgrew the space and moved to its present site on Forest Lane, however, a group yearned for the small, intimate environment of the old building. They returned to it and incorporated Unity Way Church in February 1974. The renewed congregation’s first minister was Rev. Jack Hamilton. When he left in November 1978, church members Margaret and Frank Pounders, both Licensed Unity Teachers, became co-ministers. Ordained as Unity ministers later, the Pounders served until their retirement in June 2005. During their ministry in 1993, a 3,100 square-foot two-story addition was built in the front of the church to provide an enlarged sanctuary and a second-floor fellowship hall. Rev. Steve Colladay served as minister from 2006-2013. Rev. Karen Romestan served until December of 2021.

The building has been home to Unity Church since 1952. The vitality and eagerness of the community remains solid. The church’s positive and uplifting message has created a rebirth of energy, commitment and excitement within its warm, inclusive community.